Ruby 2 DAC

Discontinued Product

Creek’s EVOLUTION 50A and EVOLUTION 100A amplifiers are normally supplied with 5 analogue inputs. However, Line input 5 is mounted on a removable panel, so it can be swapped with an AMBIT tuner or RUBY2 DAC module, to add several more inputs.

The RUBY2 DAC module is the latest version which contains 4 x SPDIF inputs for both optical and co-axial connection. In addition it has a USB 2 input, to stream high resolution audio content to the amplifier from a computer or streaming device and can be controlled via the EVO remote control.

To maintain the best sound quality from your amplifier, the RUBY2 DAC module uses a top of the range Wolfson WM8742 DAC chip, designed in Scotland.

For mobile applications, the RUBY 2 DAC also adds the highly useful feature of Bluetooth connectivity to the amp, via the RUBY 2 DAC. So smart phones or tablets can be synced to the amp and your favourite music streamed wirelessly.

In addition to this surprising amount of connectivity in such a small module, Creek have also incorporated the same FM tuner circuit, used in the brilliant AMBIT module, to provide FM connectivity to the RUBY 2 DAC. Sound quality is further improved over the AMBIT module by selecting the tuner’s digital output and converting that to analogue via the RUBY 2’s own high-end DAC. For details of the radio performance etc. Please read the AMBIT module page for more details.

FM radio performance is limited only by the quality of the studio signal and of course the antenna used. Choose an external antenna for the best results.

Windows Drivers

The Class 2 USB input is capable of playing high resolution music files, up to 24 bit 192 kHz, from either a PC or MAC computer. Streaming from a PC requires an additional (ASIO) driver software to be installed and possibly a USB2 driver, if your computer hasn’t already got one. USB cables up to 5 metres (16.4 feet) may be used with the RUBY 2 DAC.

Drivers for Windows based machines can be downloaded below:


RUBY 2 DAC SaviAudio Driver

For help installing this software, please visit the following link: usb-class-2-software-installation-guide

Technical Specification

Digital Inputs 2 x TOSLINK Optical, 24 Bit 192 kHz
2 x SPDIF Co-Ax, 24 Bit 192 kHz
USB Class 2 audio 24 Bit 192 kHz max
Bluetooth, based on CSR Bluecore technology
No additional software drivers are needed.
DAC Type One Wolfson WM8742 capable of 24 bit 192 kHz.
SNR > 125dB (A weighted stereo at 48 kHz)
THD < 0.001% at 48 kHz sample rate
FM Tuner performance:
FM FREQUENCY RANGE 76 – 108 MHz, dependent on region.
Region selectable via Menu
THD < 0.05%
SIGNAL TO NOISE > 70dB (Full limiting) Stereo