Evolution 5350

Discontinued Product
Creek Audio - EVOLUTION 5350 Integrated Amplifier

The Evolution 5350 integrated amplifier has been designed to fill the gap left by the Classic range, between the entry level Evolution 2 and the top of the range Destiny. It has borrowed technology from both the Evolution 2  integrated amplifier and Classic 5350SE and is styled to match the Evolution 2 CD Player and Evolution 2 Tuner.

Creek Audio has developed a completely new high current bi-polar power amplifier to enable it to drive low impedance loudspeakers with modern dynamic music from high resolution sources. This has required a radical approach to enable it to be fitted into a slim-line case.

Each power amp is now built as a module, using a high proportion of Surface-Mount components, on a double sided PCB, bolted to a massive 18 fin heatsink. This means both channels are identical and can be fitted and removed easily for servicing if required. The power amp topology includes a cascoded differential voltage amplifier and MOS-FET current drive stage feeding a double Darlington output stage with four high-current bi-polar transistors to produce a very powerful amplifier capable of driving the most demanding of loads, with high resolution and accuracy. DC stability is maintained by a servo amplifier that rejects DC and allows the amplifier to be coupled directly without capacitors.

In a further development of the Evolution 5350 integrated amplifier’s pre-amplifier section, 5 inputs are selectable by high current gold plated relays and switchable access to the power amp allows the Evolution 5350 to be driven directly by the front channels of a 5.1 AV receiver. The standard Creek plug-in Phono pre-amp is also featured. A high-grade PGA2320 digitally controlled analogue volume control circuit together with OPA604 Op-Amps are used to provide a pre-amp with higher overload margin and lower distortion.

To enable 2 x 200 Watts into 4 Ohms to be produced from a small case, Creek has developed a massive power supply using a high grade 350 Watt toroidal mains transformer that powers left and right power amp channels separately, plus pre-amp and digital circuits.

To keep the power amps operating safely, they are monitored by discrete transistor circuitry to protect against over-current demand, short circuits, over-temperature and DC offsets. Relays mute the input and separate the loudspeaker outputs in case of faults.

The Evolution 5350 is operated from the front panel by rotary digital controls for input selection and volume control plus push buttons for Tape and Speaker selection, Mute and Power On/Off. The EVOLUTION 5350 is now supplied with the Creek SRC3 System Remote Control handset, which can operate any Creek amp, CD Player, or Tuner.

Gold plated input and output sockets have been chosen to provide a good connection and appearance for a product at its price point. Loudspeakers are connected by up to 2 sets of high current gold plated binding posts, with plastic touch-proof covers. The amplifier also has a headphone socket; something which is becoming an increasingly rare feature in modern amplifiers.

A large vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) on the front panel indicates the state of the amplifier. Input selection, volume position and loudspeaker connection is displayed through a blue filter. The brightness level can be altered from the remote control handset.

Mains is supplied via a fused, 3 pin IEC chassis plug, mains voltage selector and 2 pole high current switch on the front panel. A high quality power cord is supplied with suitable mains plug for the country of use.

Technical Specification

Power Output
into 8 Ohms
>120 Watts
Power Output
into 4 Ohms
>200 Watts
Max Current >25 Amps
THD < 0.02% 20Hz – 20Khz
Frequency Response 1Hz – 50KHz – 1dB
Slew Rate > 30 V per µS
Gain x48
Input Sensitivity 500mV
Separation > 60dB
SNR >90dB
Outputs 2 Pairs
Headphone output Yes
Speaker Selector Yes
Operating Voltages 110V/230V Switchable
Consumption (at idle) 50 Watts
(at full power)
500 Watts
Weight 10.5Kgs
Dimensions 430x90x340mm W/D/H