Destiny 2 Tuner

Discontinued Product

One of Creek Audio’s great strengths through the last 28 years has been its ability to produce exceptionally good tuners. With today’s even more crowded airwaves, coupled with the ever-increasing methods of accessing radio broadcasts, such as DAB, HD and internet, you may ask yourself why purchase a dedicated analogue only tuner? The answer is quite simple – it is the only way to bring radio broadcasts magnificently to life. Tune-in to your favourite station in FM and you are instantly aware of the exceptional quality available. Listening can be addictive and the idea that radio is purely a source of background music carries no weight. Creek tuners are functional, versatile, high tech, but yet simple to use.

The Destiny 2 Tuner uses a rotary tuning knob to control the tuning and pre-set station selection in an analogue way. To simplify its functionality, Creek’s engineers have minimised the number of local functions. These include Standby on-off, Tuning, Pre-sets, AM/FM selection, Auto Scan tuning and Memory store. All these plus Mono, Stereo, Display Brightness and direct pre-set station number entry are also available via a Creek SRC3 system remote control that also serves the Destiny 2 amplifier and CD player. The Destiny 2 Tuner also has the ability to display the name and frequency of the received station using RDS (Radio Data System) on its green vacuum fluorescent display.

High sensitivity and selectivity are achieved by using four tuned circuit FM radio front-end with J-FET amplifier and mixer and is shielded from interference by a tin-plated metal can. A high-grade IF and PLL stereo decoder circuit process the signal and the audio output is filtered and buffered by a high-grade op-amp based circuit to enable it to drive a long cable without loses. Each channel is powered separately.

A mixture of conventional and Surface Mount Technology are used together on a double-sided, plated through-hole, printed circuit board to provide a high level of interference suppression and help to achieve hi-fi levels of performance. An impressive power supply circuit, similar to the Destiny 2 CD Player, contains 3 mains transformers to supply current separately to the digital, analogue and standby circuitry. This provides the best isolation and lowest current consumption available and meets the latest European regulations for standby operation.

Station pre-sets are held in a non-volatile memory, with 80 memory locations between FM and AM.

The open and dynamic sound of the Destiny 2 Tuner can be restricted by the quality of the aerial or antenna used. The Tuner is supplied with an indoor antenna, but for best performance, choose the best external antenna you can afford. In addition, the distance from the station and the source quality from the chosen radio station will determine the absolute noise performance.

Creek’s design objective has been to develop products that, regardless of price, set benchmarks for both radio and audio performance. By using high quality components and sensible electronic design Creek has confidently achieved its goal.

Technical Specification detailed technical information
Wave Bands Worldwide FM 87 – 108 MHz
Japan FM 76 – 90 MHz
Europe MW/AM 522 – 1611 kHz
USA AM 530 – 1710 kHz
Frequency Increments 50 kHz FM, 9 or 10 kHz AM
Usable FM Sensitivity 9dbu @ 30bd S/N 90MHz
Selectivity (IHF) 30dB
Number Of Pre-Sets 80
Frequency Response FM only 20 Hz to 16 kHz -1 dB
Distortion 1% @ 40KHz (mono)
Stereo Separation FM only > 40 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio FM only @ 90MHz, 60dbu & 75KHz mod = 56db
Output Voltage 1.2 V RMS for 50 kHz deviation
Aerial Connections 300 Ohm and 75 Ohm co-ax
Power Consumption 15Watts
Power Supply Voltage Switchable 220/115 V AC 50 Hz
Weight 5Kgs (11lbs)
Finish Colours Silver/Balck
Size 430 x 80 x 330mm W/D/H