Evolution 50A's first 5 Star Review!

Creek Audio is incredibly pleased to announce the Evolution 50A integrated amplifier has not only been awarded an all 5 star review but has also been given the coveted "Hi-Fi Choice - Editor's Choice" award. Reviewed by David Price in this month's issue of Hi-Fi Choice, David remarks on the foundations that built the brand back in the 80s and how the Evolution 50A is a true evolution of not only our brand but also our products. In the review David makes such comments as:
The Creek Evolution 50A showed its innate musicality, setting up a wide and deep soundstage.
This amp's innate balance makes it a joy with a wide range of music; there's no sense of its failings flattering one type of programme material over another.
In his conclusion, David says:
One of the best sounding amplifiers on sale at or near its price...
The class of the affordable integrated amplifier field, this new Creek deserves to succeed.
  Get a copy of the review yourself by clicking here or find our more on the Evolution 50A by visiting here.